sophist sentences


Losing someone you never thought you could miss, you realise that you're not interested in the perfection of what has replaced her, only the missing sensation of the ordinary banality of what you once shared.

Nothing lost, nothing gained.


We all need our friends to remind us, sometimes, of the things we already know. But when I asked my imaginary friend she became confused.

It reminds me of something, but I can't quite remember.


When you can't trust your memory, you have to trust your friends to tell you what they think you want to hear.

We're all in this together, alone.


Now that you've stopped believing in angels, you go looking for girls with wings.

Clear thinking is a gift.


Not knowing if you love the girl because you love the memory of the city, or if you love the city because you love the memory of the girl, you decide to go to Berlin to forget.

You're on your own.


Trying to escape, once again, from the feeling of being suffocated, you seek refuge in the arms of the one who reminds you that you're never going to be free again from the memory of feeling trapped.

It's perfectly simple.


Now that you're away from the quiet palpable cycle of routine monotony, you feel the equally palpable porosity of not knowing if you're bored or boring.

I'm bored too.


Realising that you're feeling younger than usual, you make the same mistake you made when you felt older than usual 20 years ago.

Nothing changes.


Earlier, when you thought you were going to anticipate a fleeting sensation of love, you had forgotten the memory you thought you'd anticipated the evening before.

Disappointment follows.


Realising that you've forgotten to remind her of your subtle mistake, you empty the car of all of her broken dresses.

Things are complicated.


Reflecting on how, being only partly aware of the difference between how you remembered the 2 twins last summer and now, you discover an apparent similarity in comparison to the way they looked last night.

Clarity is an illusion, clearly.


Now 4% older, you accept that you're a dream of the memory difference between the present reality and the memory of yourself when you were 4% younger.

Things divide.

Imaginary friend

When I had an imaginary friend, I found it much easier to remember things. All I had to do was ask.

Imagine that.