I am (in a blue dress)   Martyn Blundell 2008

I am a good girl
I am at home tomorrow
I am here all day
I am focussed
I am awake
I am Natalie
I am articulate
I am living more comfortably now
I am thinking
I am thinking about you
I am lucky in cards, I always win
I am twenty
I am enjoying myself
I am wondering how long it will be before you’ve forgotten me
I am alive
I am fragile
I am waiting for something to happen
I am feeling tired
I am taking drugs sometimes
I am helping him to do this
I am eating less
I am female
I am five foot five
I am open and yet mysterious
I am totally in control of the situation
I am reluctant to be who you want me to be
I am fortunate to be here
I am not telling the truth sometimes
I am frightened
I am changing the way I feel
I am open to suggestions
I am Miss Muller
I am in debt
I am happy to be here with you
I am a beautiful woman
I am less confident than you think
I am curious about the relationship between art and language
I am curious about the relationship between you and me
I am wearing a blue dress
I am going to eat out tonight
I am in love
I am speaking clearly
I am a virgin
I am sitting down
I am reading Lorca
I am not as middle-class as you think
I am wondering about the future
I am dreaming of Spain
I am running away from something
I am trying to keep this in order
I am trying to do what I want to do
I am finding my way
I am not Spanish
I am an air hostess
I am walking on thin ice
I am seeing what I want to see
I am hearing what I want to hear
I am an optimist
I am as happy as you want me to be
I am not helpless
I am feeling sick
I am aware of who I am
I am very very sexy
I am not convinced you understand me
I am not doing this for the money
I am talking to you
I am going to meet you one day and you won’t recognise me
I am intending to do this again
I am not dealing with this properly
I am wondering why I feel like this
I am in trouble
I am failing
I am leaving you behind
I am appalled by violence
I am testing your ability to concentrate
I am impressed
I am not going to tell you everything
I am willing to negotiate
I am a real bitch if you cross me
I am sad sometimes
I am trying hard to be myself
I am doing my best
I am asking you for nothing
I am expected to do well
I am speaking for myself
I am tired of this
I am not Natalie Muller
I am keeping something secret
I am patient
I am waiting
I am taking chances
I am making things happen